Reliable Fire Protection by Honeywell

The Farenhyt™ Series addressable fire alarm control panels are proprietary to Acadiana Security Plus. They offer advanced fire protection, as well as cost-effective, turnkey solutions for emergency communications, carbon monoxide (CO) and fire detection.  Ideal for upgrades, retrofits or new construction, this system is easy to install, operate and maintain . . . with flexible options that can service mid-size to large facilities.

Silent Knight panels offer competitive fire alarm solutions for small to medium buildings, making it an ideal fit for educational and health care facilities, commercial complexes, retail spaces and government buildings. With an extensive portfolio of life safety devices, Silent Knight offers the products you need to protect lives and property while keeping up with continuously evolving code requirements.

Burglar & Fire Alarms

For smaller to-mid sized businesses that require safe and secure commercial environments, Fire-Lite® alarms offer superior value and flexibility. The Fire-Lite family offers an Emergency Command Center (ECC) product line, as well as SWIFT® Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology, in addition to traditional systems.

DMP – Excellence in Commercial Security

A security system should do much more than just sound an alarm when there’s an intrusion. Our high-functioning systems by DMP provide a complete blanket of security with features and functions that enable you to protect your employees, facility and business more effectively.

Acadiana Security Plus network security solutions integrate intrusion, fire, and access control into a single, effective system scaled and configured precisely to the needs of our business customers. Arm and disarm the system, lock or unlock access-control doors, add or delete system users or change their access rights, change schedules and holiday dates, and run reports for analysis and evaluation . . . either onsite or from any Internet-connected computer.

Features you can depend on:

  • Auto Arming: Automatically schedule arming and disarming of individual areas in your facility with this feature giving you the confidence that your system is armed nightly.
  • Red-Illuminated Keypad: Most systems automatically reset after an alarm has been tripped. Yours will illuminate red until YOU reset it. If you arrive at the office and see red, you know there was trouble – and that the intruder could still be inside.
  • Codeless Entry: Instead of entering a code on the keypad, just wave your proximity key next to the keypad to turn the system on or off.
  • Area Arming: This type of arming allows for various areas within your company to be armed separately, e.g. an IT area or warehouse area may have different arming times.
  • Lockdown: The XR Series allows all public doors and Z-wave locks to lock by pressing “lockdown”.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Your system will alert our monitoring station of any system triggered alarms whether medical, duress, panic, fire or burglary.
  • Total Mobile Control: With a cellular connection for your system, use the Virtual Keypad App to control your business from your phone or tablet.