At Acadiana Security Plus, we’re proud to provide high-quality alarm and security systems for a wide variety of structures. Whether you need additional alarm systems in your home, business or in any situation, we have you covered with the latest and best technology and expertise.

Some don’t consider it to as large a degree as if they were moving into a new home, but we absolutely offer our services to those who live in apartment settings as well. Did you realize that apartments are 85 percent more likely to be burglarized than other forms of housing?

Even if your landlord doesn’t allow an apartment-friendly alarm system (it’s worth asking!), we can help you with everything from security cameras to lighting controls and much more. We can also offer some basic tips on how to ensure an apartment space is safe and secure.

Doors and Locks

Nearly a third of all burglars get into a property through unlocked door or windows, so one of the simplest security measures you can take is being sure to close and lock these at all times. Beyond this, doors and locks in an apartment are all about diligence.

For starters, when you move into a new apartment, all locks should be rekeyed – either by you or the landlord. This is to ensure anyone with previous key copies can’t gain access, and it’s a basic security measure all landlords should follow. Make sure you ask if your landlord doesn’t offer this up front.

Another important step is to check your hinges. If they’re outside the apartment door, you might want to install set screws to secure them so a thief can’t remove them from the outside.


Particularly if your apartment is on the first floor, it’s good to secure your windows. One way here is to install a rod on the tracks of any sliding windows, which can be purchased at any hardware store. In addition, if you’re concerned about burglars, consider removing or relocating any tall plants or shrubs near the window to improve visibility.

Neighbors and Neighborhood

It’s always good to get to know your neighbors and neighborhood a little bit. Figure out who you trust among your neighbors, and hopefully you’ll quickly be able to develop a point of contact who you can talk to if either of you sees anything suspicious while the other is gone. It’s always good to know which of your neighbors are home when you aren’t, especially if they have a view of your apartment and could report any suspicious activity to you.

Renter’s Insurance

It’s not home security, per se, but we recommend renter’s insurance if you rent a home or apartment. This protects your belongings in case of a burglary or a natural issue like a fire or flood.

For more on apartment security, or to learn about any of our alarm system services, speak to the pros at Acadiana Security Plus today.