Design, installation and inspection of fire alarm and detection systems

Is your commercial property’s fire alarm and/or detection system up to the challenge of a sudden and fast-moving fire? When was the last time it was inspected or maintained? As a commercial property manager, it’s your job to keep your business, employees, customers and neighbors safe.

Our fully-integrated fire alarm services are designed to keep you code compliant with local and federal regulations. For smaller to-mid sized businesses that require safe and secure commercial environments, our Fire-Lite® alarms offer superior value and flexibility.

We also create customized fire detection solutions for commercial customers in every industry so they’re ready for an unexpected emergency. The Farenhyt™ Series offer advanced fire protection, as well as cost-effective, turnkey solutions for emergency communications, carbon monoxide (CO) and fire detection.  Ideal for upgrades, retrofits or new construction, this system is easy to install, operate and maintain . . . with flexible options that can service mid-size to large facilities.

Whether you have a busy restaurant, house an important data center or require an even more complex situation, we’re here to help.

Fires move fast. And they don’t wait for anyone to call 911.

Burglar & Fire Alarms
Add alarm monitoring services to detect fires and threats

Count on our 24/7/365 fire monitoring to detect emergencies including fires and act quickly to alert your points of contact and the appropriate emergency medical services, fire department or police department. We don’t stop until everyone is safe and have processes in place to make sure help is dispatched.

Even if you have your phone off, your internet is down, or you are suffering from smoke or carbon-monoxide inhalation, you can count on our team to go the extra mile to protect you and your people.

Fire Extinguishers & Inspections

Just having a fire extinguisher available at your place of business isn’t enough. You need to know how to maintain and use them, too.

Fire extinguishers play a vital role in helping you and your team can safely exit your business before a fire sprinkler or suppression system is activated and emergency personnel can arrive.

Regulation Compliance

fire extinguishersDid you know you’re required to inspect your building’s fire extinguishers monthly? And to keep records of at least 12 months back? The NFPA also requires extinguishers to be maintained and tested yearly.

Extinguishers are just one part of a safe suppression system. Contact us to find the right fire suppression solution for your business.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Acadiana Security Plus can now install, test, inspect and repair sprinkler  systems through a trusted industry partner. This means we offer end-to-end fire detection and protection services that can also be integrated with your security system for total protection of your facility.