As a locally owned business, we understand your need for a flexible, proactive, and reputable security company. Acadiana Security Plus offers customized services to small businesses, large commercial operations, government facilities (CAGE Code)—and everything in between.  We protect your property, inventory, and employees from criminal threats.

Managed Access

Managed Access

With today’s heightened security threats and risks, all commercial properties should take measures to remain a secure as possible. Monitoring traffic in and out of the property is one way for administrators to manage security concerns. With access control solutions, approved users can scan their card or keyfob at a digital access device provided at the entryway. When hiring or firing takes place, cards can be added or deleted quickly from the convenience of your office. The system also offers reporting for investigations or audit trails.

Video & CCTV

If you maintain a business properly, you need video surveillance to keep your building, employees, and inventory safe. Security cameras are the best way to monitor entryways, deter criminals, and review criminal activity when it occurs. Whether your facility requires a one or two camera installation or several hundred cameras, we have a solution for you. We integrate and sell:

  • Remote video surveillance through our monitoring center
  • Digital video recorders with offsite viewing via web browser or smart phone
  • Analytics on a large or small scale
Video & CCTV

Video Verification

Video alarm verification (VAV) lets monitoring personnel look in and see what caused an alarm when seconds count, acting as a ‘remote eyewitness’. VAV also provides informative pre-alarm footage—letting the central station operator virtually go back in time and see the action recorded before the event. When you capture the video, there’s a higher likelihood of capturing the criminal.

Video Event Monitoring

Video event monitoring extends security surveillance capability with video automatic incident detection. It is guided by predefined situations and guidelines set by the customer like: detecting a person in general, or someone in an unauthorized area after hours, object counting, or even when an object leaves an area of interest.

When a video analytic rule has been violated, an alarm is immediately sent to ASP’s video response center, along with a short video of the event. Analysts review the video and determine the actions to be taken, based on those predetermined protocols provided by the customer. Actions can include notifying the police or an on-site guard, triggering a relay, and even using two-way audio to make an announcement. This feature is particularly helpful in securing unmanned large areas like gated communities, outdoor storage unit areas, farms, sports venues, schools, warehouses, shopping centers and more.

Burglar & Fire Alarms

Burglar & Fire Alarms

No matter your industry or location, your business needs to be protected by an alarm. Acadiana Security Plus offers efficient, reliable solutions to safeguard your facility from intrusion and fire; from traditional phone line security systems to user-friendly cellular backup and wireless communication devices.

Authorized Government Vendor

Acadiana Security Plus is an approved federal government contractor, with a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code from the United States Department of Defense’s Defense Logistics Agency. We have the resources to handle high-volume and complex requirements, while also maintaining the highest standards for quality and accuracy to best serve military and government facilities.