Alarm System:

Having a home monitored security system is always the number one protection of the home.  This protection can include indoor/outdoor cameras, doorbell cameras and automation.

  • Make sure you set the alarm before leaving.  A good procedure is to set it in Instant Mode
  • Inform your security monitored station that you will not be home and give them an alternative number to reach someone (dispatch instantly)
  • Make sure you have stickers on all doors and a sign in the yard or at the mailbox

Check List for outside the home:

  • Take all hide away keys away from the home; give to a family member or neighbor
  • Make sure trash cans are taken away from the street after garage is picked up; ask family or neighbors to do this for you
  • Keep up with yard maintenance; like lawn care and pool cleaning
  • Stop the delivery of the mail and newspapers
  • Make sure all outdoor lights are working properly; we suggest motion lights for added deterrence

Check List for inside the home:

  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked
  • Set up lighting to turn on/off around the house.  Tip:  if no automated system through security you can use Christmas Light timers
  • Disconnect/lock the overhead garage door
  • Lock up valuables inside a home safe; place the safe in an area of the home other than master bedroom closet
  • Make sure electronics are plugged into a surge protector or unplugged before leaving
  • Adjust the thermostat; this can be automated with the security system

Social Media:

  • DO NOT POST location or trip time on Facebook or Twitter
  • Post pictures after the return of the trip

Be safe this summer and have fun without the worry of what is going on at home!