Maximize your commercial security system for a successful shopping season! In terms of your security operations, make sure to cover the business basics and utilize built-in features to allow for increased sales, efficient stock and jolly shoppers during the holidays.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while gearing up to finish the year strong:

  • Use your “Door Count” feature to track foot traffic. With this valuable piece of marketing information, you can increase your sales, know peak traffic times (and monitor capacity), audit merchandise stock, run effective promos, manage employee schedules and adjust hours of operation.
  • Review access control protocols, and set up a profile to give part-time or seasonal employees temporary access to your building. Assign a start and end date to the employee/profile and you’ll eliminate the need to go back into your system to manage access at a later date
  • Utilize exterior cameras to keep an eye on unexpected traffic. Your video surveillance system can help deter unwanted theft and give you important insight on delivery confirmations.
  • Automate your lighting schedule to draw attention to specific items in your store. Revise your exterior lighting schedule to accommodate for extended holiday hours.
  • Automate thermostats to account for traffic and colder temperatures.