Use these tips to keep your business up to date.

1. Audit Users. Do any employees need to be removed or set to inactive? Do profiles need stricter access protocols?  

2. Set Up Notifications. You can easily communicate important safety information with your team. Create a custom notification that can be sent via text or email, in the event of an access lockdown, panic alarm, etc.  

3. Test Your System. Conduct a system test to your Central Station.  

4. Replace Batteries. Replace the batteries in all your wireless devices, including window and door contacts, motions, glass breaks, fire, and carbon monoxide detectors.  

5. Reevaluate Your Needs. Take a look at your business establishment and determine which areas need security updates. Do you have restricted areas that need to be monitored? Do you need additional doors of access? Consider adding a camera to capture a clip of access control events. You may need emergency lighting or new window blinds, etc.