This testimonial from a customer in Baton Rouge is a great reminder why DYI or a national chain may not be right for you:

I had my HVAC ducts cleaned and, somewhere along the way one of the workers disabled my alarm system while in the attic. This left me with one of my keypads rapidly chirping and no power to the other one, at 2:00 pm. I made a call to ASP and they walked me through some troubleshooting methods to eliminate the annoying chirping but, unfortunately they didn’t work. Brian told me that they had a technician working on a job in another town and that he would send him to check out my system whenever he was finished. Brian later called me at about 5:00 pm to say that their tech had run into some issues at the other job but that he would let me know when he was heading my way. The technician finally arrived between 6:00 and 6:30 pm and was able to restore my system within a few minutes. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting anyone to respond that day given the time but, I’m sure glad everything worked out as it did.

I was a very long time customer of the company endorsed by the Property Brothers but became very concerned when they wouldn’t bother to call me when there was an accidental alarm or, they would call someone on my contacts list to have them check it out. This was not acceptable to me and would be of zero value if a worse case scenario occurred. Now, in the roughly 15 years I’ve been with ASP as soon as my alarm goes off I can expect a phone call within a few seconds, and never longer than 1 minute. For me, knowing that if things go south they’re going to be on top of it provides me with peace of mind.

-John Goetz