Is one of your resolutions to beef up security at your home?  Consider these add-ons for peace of mind:

Fire and carbon monoxide: Connected smoke and CO detectors alert you and your monitoring service too.

Video services: Control and monitor cameras at your home from your mobile device.  Cameras are triggered to record when motion is detected, or users can view live video and record live clips. (photo)

Smart lights and thermostat: Z-Wave® technology allows you to control and monitor devices in your home from your mobile phone through your security system. Setting schedules improves safety and energy use.

Smart door locks: Add the ability to lock and unlock your doors or open and close your garage door remotely through your security system.

Here are some ways to up your security without spending a dime:

  1. Lock doors, windows and vehicles, close the garage door, and arm your alarm system when you are home andaway.
  2. Don’t leave items visible in your car.
  3. Put outdoor lighting and lamps on a schedule using your mobile app.
  4. Turn on mobile app notifications so you don’t miss important security alerts—like motion on your cameras or leaving the home unarmed. (photo)
  5. Bring your package deliveries indoors right away or have a neighbor grab them for you; don’t forget to get your mail.
  6. Add your security company’s window sticker and yard sign to your property.
  7. Keep landscaping trimmed.
  8. Get to know your neighbors and watch for suspicious activity.
  9. Turn on your Door Chime feature.
  10. Don’t announce vacations or post “away” photos online until you’ve returned.

If you would like a window sticker or yard sign to help secure your property, please contact us!