The real benefit to a security system by ASP—other than great local service!—is how all features are integrated for better control and 24/7 monitoring.


Don’t let a fire at your business get out of control! If your smoke alarms are not properly monitored, and responders aren’t alerted in time, the result could be disastrous.

Things are replaceable, but what about knowledge? What happens to those notes on client needs, or those computer records that are not backed up? Not to mention loss of time while your business gets back up and running.

It seems like this could never happen to your business… until it does.


Don’t rely on your receptionist as gatekeeper. Or the memory of your employees to lock every door. Access control automates it all, so there are no gaps in your system, and your assets and employees remain safe while at work.

Call us to find out just how affordable it is to add fire protection and access control to your business account.