This Crime Prevention Month, take a quick home audit to make sure your home is protected against intruders by downloading this handy Home Security Checklist.

Also check out these tips from the Crime Prevention Council:


All exterior doors should be either metal or solid wood. For added security, use strong door hinges on the inside of the door, with non-removable or hidden pins. Every entry door should be well lit and have a wide-angle door viewer so you can easily see who is outside.

ASP PRO TIP:  Install one or more exterior cameras that shows main entrance areas; that way you can check your live feed anywhere on the app.


Strong, reliable locks are essential to effective home security. Use quality keyed knobs as well as deadbolts that can withstand twisting, turning, prying, and pounding.

When choosing a deadbolt, look for such features as a bolt that extends at least one inch when in the locked position, to resist ramming and kicking; hardened steel inserts to prevent the bolt from being sawed off, and a reinforced strike plate with extra-long mounting screws to anchor the lock effectively.

ASP PRO TIP:  Consider Z-wave smart locks, which allow you to put locking down your house on an automatic schedule so you never forget.


Most standard double-hung windows have thumb-turn locks between the two window panels. Don’t rely on these—they can be pried open or easily reached through a broken pane.

An easy, inexpensive way to secure your windows is to use the “pin” trick. Drill an angled hole through the top frame of the lower window partially into the frame of the upper window. Then insert a nail or eyebolt. The window can’t be opened until you remove the nail.

ASP PRO TIP:  Make the most of your security system and use contact sensors on every window so an alarm will sound when a window is opened, and the system is armed.


Lighting is one of the most cost-effective deterrents to burglary. Indoor lighting gives the impression that a home is occupied, while outdoor lighting can eliminate hiding places.

Install exterior lighting near porches, rear and side doorways, garage doors, and all other points of entry. Aim some lights away from the house so you can see if anyone is approaching, or installmotion-sensing lights, which turn on automatically as someone approaches.

ASP PRO TIP:  Better yet, let ASP design a solution that automates key indoor and outdoor lighting. Putting lights on a schedule makes coming home in the dark safer, saves energy, and throws would-be burglars off when you’re away. 

Don’t forget about your business, too!